Individual assignment


Question 1: What results did you expect to see?

I expected that my culture dimensions would be a high context because it is affected by the surrounding environment. I am referring to where I live (in the UAE) which consider a high context culture. For instance, I expected to be a universal relationship. UAE society mainly Honor/Shame worldview. Communication, interpersonal interaction, and business dealings are very relationship-driven, with every interaction having an effect on the honor/shame status of the participants. (knowledgeworkx, Three Colors of Worldview , 2012) UAE is a high contact society and people use to meet new people and communicate with them. They are generous and they easily invite you home, for an evening meal or ask you to attend a social gathering. The personal result in my work environment shows that I scour 4 point on universal relationships. If someone enters my immediate circle he or she becomes part of all spheres of my life.
Also I expected to tend towards being people oriented in growth, because I believe that developing people can in turn develop effective systems and procedures rather than purely looking at the development of systems.

Question 2: Which dimension would you wish to change?

I wish that I can change the dimension of Making Decision because relationships tend to have a stronger impact on the way I make decisions. I could break the rules, policies or procedures if necessary to maintain the relationship. This for sure will cause some challenges in the workplace. Furthermore, I definitely want to change the inclusive connecting style, because I share information quite freely. For example I invite people to be part of conversations even if they might not need to be part. Also I wish to change the context dimension because I tend to value an open environment where rules and protocol are not obstructing the free development of key relationships. I tend to be casual and informal, valuing differences more than conformity.

Question 3: What can you do to improve your cultural awareness?

To improve my culture awareness I would like to scores in between the dimension to understand the difference between all the cultures easily. For example, I have to balance statues dimension, to be Achieved and Ascribed and to understand other people. Also Destiny, Context, and Growth dimension.  In order to improve my cultural awareness I need to try standing in people shoes. Through empathy we learn of how other people would like to be treated by us. Likewise I have to check my assumptions by asking colleagues for feedback and regularly check my assumptions to make sure that I understand the situation. (Quappe & Cantatore , 2005)

Question 4: Choose one dimension in which the results were a surprise.

I was surprised with the result of Expression dimension because I tend to be Conceal oriented. Usually people with a concealing expression style would typically not show emotions and feelings openly and will probably be of the opinion that showing feelings and emotions in the work environment are inappropriate. If a person with a concealing style of expression wants to show emotions or feelings they are normally very calculated and have an express purpose.  And I thought that I’m totally the opposite.


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