Story ” Robot Racers” . . .


Summary :

It is a story about “Squeaky” the cleaning robot. Squeaky hated his job because he was out in all weather sweeping the streets. He wanted to win the “Botsville” road race, because the wining robot get a new memory chip and a head-to-wheel polish. But unfortunately  Squeaky  didn’t dare to enter the race.

In the other side “Tanktop” was the biggest, the meanest robot in the town, he use to win in “Botsville” race. Tanktop plane to make sure none of the other racer will enter the race. So he visited them at night in secret to puncture, steal, undid batters, reset the alarm.

In the racing day Tanktop was the only robot at the starting  line. But Squeaky take the chance to enter the race. And Tanktop kept cheating in the race but Squeaky never gave up. At the finishing line Tanktop thought that he win but the photograph taken at the finishing line shows that  Squeaky wheel crossed the line a second before Tanktop.

Worldview Colors:

Guilt v. Innocence: because their is some rolls that should be followed and there is a right and a wrong.


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