Anna And The King “Culture Clash”



The first Scene in the movie shows some normal people in Siame working, and Anna arrived by the ship.

Siamese culture:

In Bangkok, usually wear a long-straight cloth and showing their simplicity in daily life.

British culture :

In England, they more complicated cloth, neat and showing their prestige.

Anna meets the Prime minister:

Anna meets the Prime minister, and he started to ask her personal question, and this makes her upset, because she was unfamiliar with this Siamese custom. Then the Prime minister gives Anna instruction about protocol in the royal presence. Also they were calling Anna “Sir”.

Siamese culture:

  1. Siamese use to be polite by asking personal question in the first meeting, they focus on people and their backgrounds.
  2. they were calling Anna “Sir” because in Siamese culture women don’t stand in front of his Excellency, also she is a woman in a position that in Siam only a man would have.

British culture:

  1. Asking personal question consider as intervention in the peculiarities of others which is rude behavior.
  2. They respect and appreciate the women and call her Ms, or madam.

Anna meets the king:

Anna wants to meet the king when she arrived to start teaching his son. And when she got the chance to meet him she didn’t follow the protocol.

Siamese culture:

  1. The King in Siamese culture like a god they don’t look at him and they kneel in front of him.
  2. They don’t care about the time that much.

British culture:

  1. Anna respects the idea of kneeling in front of the king, but she prefers to greet the King in her own British way.
  2. Anna was rushing to meet the king because time is important in western culture unlike Siamese culture.

Anna meets the royal family:

The King introduce his royal family to the Anna And her son. And he told her that she will teach not only crown prince but all his wives and children. Then in the first class the prince had a fight the teacher son ‘Louis’. Also when they get into a fight, prince said that his head may not be touched.

Siamese culture:

  1. The king has a big family with 32 wife and 58 children which it is a tradition.
  2. The prince shout at the teacher son ‘Louis’ because he apologies to his mother because in Siamese culture they don’t apologies to a woman.
  1. Prince head may not be touched because the head of a royal family member is considered as “sacred”.

British culture:

  1. In England usually they are small families.

The Kings Daughter:

The favorite daughter of the kings died.

Siamese culture:

  1. They use to sing for the spirit reminder to go to heaven and not lose the way.
  2. They don’t cray loudly as not to cause grief spirit and stay in comfortable life.

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